Claudia Stringfield joined Fidelity NCS Las Vegas as Vice President, Senior Counsel in August 2016. She previously served as Senior Counsel at Commonwealth’s New York City office, as well as Senior Staff Underwriting Counsel working directly with Fidelity National Financial’s Chief Legal Officer and Chief Underwriting Counsel. In her former positions, she underwrote high liability and extra-hazardous risks insuring several billion dollars of transactions. 
Claudia’s underwriting experience includes commercial and energy transactions, as well as ground-up condo developments, hotels, and retail developments. Claudia began her career in private practice, where she specialized in complex litigation and commercial transactions.  

No matter the circumstances, Fidelity NCS Las Vegas will always be here for you to rely on.

Fidelity NCS Las Vegas is fortunate to have Claudia on their team of underwriters to help carry out important transactions from beginning to end. Claudia is driven, focused, hard-working, and is always willing to help others to the best of her ability. She is an outstanding team member and her clients are thankful for her dedication to her work and her determination to succeed.

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